Monday, October 19, 2009

Belvedere and work

Well the next week on October 4th, I decided to visit Belvedere, home of The Kiss by Gustav Klimt.

Picture by: Wikipedia

Belvedere was amazing! It's such a beautiful building!
These two pictures show the back of the building as well as the view of the gardens. Thankfully I lucked out and it was an amazing day out!
This was just a funny sign that was pointing to a souvenir shop across the street where Sharon Stone apparently bought something.
During work, I began my new project for Heather, the NRC attache, which was writing a draft on conference conclusions for a conference being held in South Africa in December. Yes I know it was the conclusions....apparently they will just add the specifics after the meetings, but would like everything else added before...
I also got to have my courtesy call with our ambassador (not the main Ambassador to Vienna, the ambassador to US Missions). We just sat and chatted about a lot of things for about 30min, what I'm doing, how I like it here, where do I go to school, etc... I also got to know a little more about him, and it's pretty to realize that an ambassador is just a regular guy with a family, not some scary way high up important government man!
On Thursday and Friday, the only thing that really happened was that I helped to set up for some talks that were being held in our office with the Indian delegation, and I got to be their escort up to the office! They were all very nice, and polite.

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