Monday, October 19, 2009

Finland October 10th-12th!

The weekend of the 10th, I went up to Finland to visit a friend I hadn't seen in over 5 years! It was a short, but sweet trip up there, and pretty interesting since I have never been to Finland before. I flew into Helsinki- not the best flight, but not the worst, I'm a bad judge since I think all flights are terrible though... and stayed there for 1 night and then we went to Turku, where my friend lives, and stayed at his house the next night and then I went back to Vienna the next day!

This is the Olympic tower, where the flame was kept burning during the 1952 summer Olympics. It was 11 stories high, I think, and had amazing views. (No worries, I did not die trying to walk up all those stairs...there was an elevator! In fact, you could not even use the stairs at all)
These two pictures are views from the top of the Olympic spiral flame holder at the Olympic stadium where the 1952 Olympics were held. Once again I lucked out and it was beautiful (but freezing) out!

This is the National History Museum. It was a lot bigger inside than I thought it would be, we spent probably 3 hours in there. But it was very very interesting, probably because I had never been in a museum that had really anything about Finland before, so I learned a lot about Finnish history and culture. It had exhibits from the prehistoric times all the way up until present time, including a room on Lapland! (where the reindeer are and Santa supposedly lives)
This is really the only thing I got to see in Turku because we got there around 9pm and so we just walked around the river once and then went back to sleep and I left around 10 the next morning so there wasn't time to do anything, but it is a very pretty city from what I saw and I recommend seeing it because next year it will be a culture capital in Europe!

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