Tuesday, November 17, 2009

PACT, a Reception and Berlin!

The main thing that I went to this week was a PACT event that was featuring Ambassador Nancy Brinker and Professor Peter Boyle called The Globalization of Cancer. Ambassador Brinker is currently the WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Cancer Control, and she is the one who started the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure for her sister. Professor Boyle is the President at the International Prevention Research Institute. It was actually really interesting and opened my eyes to the reality of cancer in 3rd world countries, that around 50% of women in those countries die of breast cancer; a cancer that 97% of women in the more developed countries survive. Professor Boyle opened my eyes as well, when he was speaking mainly of tobacco related cancer and death and said that the number of tobacco related deaths will dump by the millions, if not tens or hundreds of millions in the next century.

Later that night, there was a reception held at Ambassador Davies' house (The ambassador where I work, at UNVIE) honoring both Ambassador Brinker and Professor Boyle. I was invited to that and got to meet both of Amb. Brinker and Prof. Boyle and talk with them for a little bit during the night. It was a pretty awesome reception, with good food and drinks! I also got to network a little, got some business cards, that kind of thing....which can never be a bad thing!

At the end of the week was when I left for Berlin! ...to be continued

Amerika Haus and the Bilat (embassy)

Well, I got back from Finland on the 12th which conveniently was an American holiday (Columbus Day) and on Tuesday I went to what is called the Amerika Haus to help the Bilat intern set up and generally help out with an event which had professors and students talking about a program held between Butler University and Vienna during the summer. It was pretty interesting, they went on trips in the US that I would have liked to go on, like the Route 66 trip and the trip down the Mississippi, both by buses. Afterwards I went back to the Bilat, but didn't really do anything but look around because it was around 3-4pm and nothing really was happening.

The next day, the 14th, I was back at the Bilat and drafted some memos for my "boss" of the day which was a new experience for me. I also (tried to) update the Intellipedia article on Vienna. It's like Wikipedia, but for the intelligence community and other government employees. That did not work out since I have not really ever taken a computer class I'm kind of clueless when it comes to editing web pages, but it was an interesting little side street to what I would normally do!

Also, I got to meet Ambassador Eacho! He's a really nice, fun guy it seemed like, very down to earth. He just chatted with us ( I was with Zach, the Bilat intern) about school and if we liked it here, etc..., but then we had to leave because the boy scouts were coming in.

That was about it that week, pretty quiet because of the holiday at the beginning.